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Hyper Holographic Cone Midrange (HHCM)

1. Aluminium diecast frame with integrated heat sink, 2. Dual neodymium magnet system, 3. Plastic inner basket optimised for high internal damping, 4. 1.25" voice coil on black glass fiber bobbin, 5. Conex spider, 6. Ceramic coated aluminium cone with Active Cone Damping II, 7. Solid, anodised aluminium phase plug


The Hyper-Holographic Cone Midrange Driver

Hard shell – soft core: an awesome midrange driver and exclusive design by Audio Physic!

It has been commonplace for many years to manufacture driver baskets consisting either of plastic or metal. However there is a well-known German proverb saying that double stitching lasts longer.

We took this to heart, doubled our efforts and designed the hyper-holographic cone midrange driver, HHCM in short, a novel basket construction using a combination of aluminium and plastic.  Aluminium is stiff and conducts heat better than plastic material which, in turn, allows for a much higher internal damping. Both characteristics are important in loudspeaker manufacturing. Provided that the two materials are efficiently combined, their properties complement each other in such a way that damping of resonances is perfectly coupled with mechanical and thermal stability.

The two materials are used where they do their best in what they are best at doing. Moving parts such as the diaphragm, the surround, the centering device and the voice coil are held in proper alignment by a plastic inside basket designed to achieve a maximum degree of damping inside (marked in red in the illustration). The powerful neodymium magnet is encased in an outside basket made of die-cast aluminium.

Let us look at the advantages: the generated heat is efficiently dissipated by extensive cooling fins whereas remaining vibrations are transmitted to the mounting ring via slim stiff bridges.

Such a double-basket construction makes a lot of sense. Basket and cabinet resonances are effectively kept away from the driver diaphragm while at the same time the thermal behaviour of the midrange driver significantly improves.

Special attention is also given to the aluminium diaphragm itself which takes full advantage of Active Cone Damping II implemented to avoid ringing resonances frequently associated with stiff diaphragms. A U-shaped elastic ring is designed to fit snugly around the rim of the cone, causing the diaphragm to tighten. Therefore, resonances having an adverse effect on the sound quality can be prevented right from the start.

All these measures have only one goal in mind: to achieve a perfect marriage of ultimate resolution performance and absolute freedom from coloration.

In addition to achieving outstanding measurement results, the HHCM truly lives up to its name, reaching a superior subjective level of reproduction quality.

Never before has music been reproduced with such holographic quality!


3D-Animation Download for detailed Infomation alternative in EXE-file [2,9MB] and ZIP-file [2,7MB].


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