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When looking for unobtrusive ways to integrate high-quality hi-fi sound into contemporary living environments, on-wall speakers are often the best choice. But only if those speakers meet the highest standards in performance as well as in appearance. Like our CLASSIC On-Wall 2 which benefits from all the technical subtleties of our CLASSIC range to deliver a precise, rich and luscious sound while also pleasing the eye with its luxuriously glossy glass finishes. Combined with a flat screen TV of any size, it’s the perfect solution for the modern home.

Like all AUDIO PHYSIC speakers, the CLASSIC On-Wall 2 is based on more than 30 years of experience and has been designed without any compromise. The drivers are the same we use in our CLASSIC Compact 2 – a powerful midwoofer with a woven glass fibre cone and our unique Dual Basket technology, and a silk dome tweeter which sits in a small wave guide tailored to optimise sound dispersion around the crossover between mids and treble for a wide, balanced and precise spatial imaging.

The CLASSIC On-Wall 2 also has inherited the sturdy glass-sandwich construction of its cabinet from its larger siblings. This technology too is proprietary to AUDIO PHYSIC and allows us to build a cabinet that is virtually immune against internal resonances. Most other critical design aspects of our CLASSIC range can also be found in the CLASSIC On-Wall 2, like the clever cross-over network and the high-end nextgen® terminals by WBT.


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Technical data

Height 830 mm / 32.7"
Width 170 mm / 6.7"
Depth 90 mm / 3.5"
Required Space  Width x Depth -
Weight 8.5 kg
Recommended amplifier power   20-100 W
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency range 50 Hz - 30 kHz
Sensitivity 86 dB


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Heinz Rudolf Kunze | Räuberzivil | Warner

Heinz Rudolf Kunze | Räuberzivil | Warner

This is a wonderful live album by Heinz Rudolf Kunze, one of Germany’s most remarkable artists. He brings a hefty dose of humour to his take on contemporary issues, and pairs this with fresh, acoustic versions of his well-known songs. The sound quality is certainly not lacking: Räuberzivil demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail and at the same time a wonderful airiness, deliciously crisp dynamics and a clearly defined bassline that would all quickly push a mediocre system to its limits. What’s more, Kunze talks before some of the tracks. His low, throaty tones are ideal for putting a loudspeaker through its paces to see how it handles neutrality and speech in acoustic surroundings. The CLASSIC On-Wall 2 passes with flying colours.


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Glass finishes

Technical data

Features and Specs

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Suggested combinations

All these proven technologies have been re-engineered and re-combined to create the CLASSIC On-Wall 2 as a very slim and unobtrusive speaker that sounds a lot bigger than it actually is. Integrated wall brackets at the back allow for easy vertical or horizontal mounting and provide a defined distance between speaker and wall that has been chosen for an optimum in bass performance.

When using the CLASSIC On-Wall 2 in very large rooms, or together with any other speakers from our CLASSIC range as part of a multichannel system, our dedicated subwoofer LUNA can provide additional bass support.

Classic On-Wall TZ transparent

We designed the CLASSIC On-Wall 2 to deliver uncompromising AUDIO PHYSIC sound quality where more conventional speaker setups are not possible. We think we succeeded but don’t take our word for it. Ask a specialist AUDIO PHYSIC retailer near you for a demonstration and listen for yourself!

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